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The design of nails can be varied. The main thing here is to follow your imagination and create. It is you who will be able to make the coating of your dreams come true if you often experiment with the shape, length and design of extended nails. Or you can secure an appointment with our skilled nail techs at any time!

There is an opinion among fashionistas that in order to create charming beauty on the nails, exorbitant efforts and special skills are required. This is the reason why you should come meet our qualified nail artists for the best results.


So here we go, these are very similar to the stiletto nail shape. They are a statement shape but maybe a little more on the natural side compared to the stiletto, also this shape is quite similar to the Squoval in the sense that it suits most hands if included with narrow and long nail beds.

Top Tips:

- Suits all Shapes

- Suggested for narrow and long nail beds

- Subtle hint of Stiletto

- Practical statement look with normal heels


This nail is named Stiletto due to its iconic appearance of a pointed stiletto heel or pointed ballerina slipper. You can’t get more extra than this. These nails are loud, extra, hard to maintain and elongates your hands. These are used with the loudest statement of colour, or nail art you can think of.

Top Tips:

- Worth the extra maintenance

- Iconic elongation

- Absolutely Fabulous appearance

- Great with matching shoes

The right nail shape and length can go a long way in flattering your hands. Almond, oval, and coffin-shaped nails can elongate short or thick fingers. When choosing the shape of your acrylic nails, it’s wise to be up-front with your nail technician about your lifestyle. Do you do tons of housework? Cooking? Wash your dishes by hand?

Not everyone is a candidate for super-long acrylics, and that’s okay. It’s better to choose slightly more conservative shape or length than deal with constant breakages. In addition, if you realize between salon visits that your nails are just TOO LONG, it’s wise to head straight back in and get them filed down.

The single most important thing you need to do to maintain a healthy, attractive manicure is maintenance. Your nails need to be filled every two weeks! If you don’t have time for upkeep, it may be wise to take a short break from acrylics. Otherwise, make sure you’re putting in the time to maintain your mani.

Caring for acrylics requires a shift in habits, to protect your hands from excessive moisture or damage. With the help of a skilled nail tech, you can make gorgeous acrylics a regular part of your lifestyle.

Nail salon 28403 - Nails Art Designs Wilmington : This is the reason why you should come meet our qualified nail artists for the best results.

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