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Nail art ideas from Lux Nails Bar American Fork |

To get your fabulous nail look and nail style, you need to begin by selecting your nail shape. Nail shape is as critical as the color and design itself. You can choose from square, round, oval, almond, stiletto, or coffin. These shapes are determined by the type of manicure you want, as well as the length and shape of your natural nails.

Once you've decided on the perfect nail shape, it's time to choose the color of your nails. A few classic hues are always in style, and they work well for most occasions. These include black, nude, red, pink, and white. But don't stop there! Experiment with different hues and pair them with complementary colors for a more vibrant look. The possibilities are endless, and you can go wild with different combinations.

With your nail shape and polish color in place, it's time to start the fun part - decorating your nails with designs. There are several nail art designs you can choose from, including polka dots, stripes, flowers, animal prints, and glitter. These designs can be achieved using several techniques such as stamping, freehand painting, and attaching decals. If you're not confident in your nail art skills, start with basic designs, and gradually work your way up.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different nail shapes, colors, designs, and tools. The possibilities are endless, and you can easily create a fabulous look that suits you. So go ahead, pamper your nails, and get ready to show off your masterpiece!

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